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Faronics Core Console 4.20.2100.4034 Anti-Executable Dashboard 
Faronics Core Console Migration Guide Anti-Executable Dashboard Download
Anti-Executable Enterprise Brochure

General: Blacklist vs. Whitelist Defense in Depth: How Application Whitelisting Can Increase Your Desktop Security
YouTube - How-To Series
Feature History: Anti-Executable Standard History Anti-Executable Enterprise Feature History
Case Studies: Los Angeles Police Dept. Granite School District
Pittsford Community Library North County Community College
RTP Federal Credit Union
Press Mentions:  Nonsignature Antimalware  PCMag Anti-Executable Standard (PC Mag Aug 06)
  Tech Learning Award 2006 Enterprise ITPlanet  
Antivirus is 'completely wasted money': Cisco CSO - ZDNet May 2008 Is whitelisting the new blacklisting? (ZD Net May 2008)
Anti-Executable Keeps Interlopers Off Your Computer (Tech News World) Sep 2008 Reprint of article
Don't buy stand-alone antivirus: Trend Micro (ZDNet Sep 2008) Faronics Security Solution Uses 'Whitelists' for More Effective Computer Protection (TMC net Oct 2008)
 Review of Faronics Anti-Executable (BrightHub Nov 2008) Is white listing going mainstream?(Cnet Nov 2008)
The how and why of IT lockdown (Blast Magazine June 2009) Call to banish virus-hit computers from internet (The Australian 25 Jan 2010)
Review: Faronics Anti-Executable Standard - Windows IT Pro (Aug 2010) Malware implicated in fatal Spanair plane crash (MSNBC Aug 2010)